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CLASSIYAH is a cosmetic product brand established in 2022 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The goal is to provide a safe and prosperous place for makeup enthusiasts to find quality products that suit their needs. Its purpose is to provide quality makeup products that can be effortlessly used to help consumers have less complicated daily makeup routines.

The brand has a range of makeup products, including foundation, concealer, pressed powder, blush stick, highlighter, lip gloss, lipstick, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, and eyebrow soap, among others. These products are all made in different shades of color that go with different skin types and skin complexions. Our brand took time to design the packaging of the products to appeal to the eyes, complement fashion, and meet intended quality standards. The brand has developed aesthetically appealing packaging material, with each product housed in a unique and fashionable package. As we provide our consumers with high-quality products, we ensure that the same products are available and accessible at a fair and attainable price. The luxury, high-standard cosmetic needs met by CLASSIYAH products have kept the brand in competition while they bridge the gap left by many cosmetic products.

The CLASSIYAH brand deals with products that come in different shades, and since different people have different skin complexions, consumers have the luxury of choosing a product with a shade that matches their skin color. Matching shade with skin ensures that beauty is not lost in the mixture of different colors but is enhanced to leave one with defined facial features. Therefore, CLASSIYAH is home for everyone who would love to explore and look beautiful with a touch of their preferred shade. As we grow, the brand targets its production by consumer usage and satisfaction.

In the future, the brand hopes to incorporate jewelry and diamonds into its products to cover additional consumer needs. Targeting expansion, CLASSIYAH is putting more work into ensuring that the brand stays relevant, and the product designs add even more luxury and quality to the already unique products. With the sole aim of providing healthy and fashionable cosmetic products to enhance and maintain beauty, CLASSIYAH meets market expectations and contributes to the natural beauty world. In addition, the brand strives to provide more natural and organic products that are unique, useful, soothing, and essential to consumers.

With a network of R&Ds in the industry, we at CLASSIYAH recommend our products to people of all skin types, complexions, ages, and genders, as the ingredients used are safe and recommendable.